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Combining Different Tastes and Styles….


Combining Different Tastes and Styles….


As we decorate and style our homes over time we seem to collect different items that speak to us of our likes and dislikes of that time. And as our tastes change and we want to redecorate it becomes quite a challenge to make the transition cohesive without having to start from scratch each time. Which let’s face it is not an option in the real world.

Let’s take for example making a previous love of country timber furniture now combine with a more sleek and contemporary look such as white high gloss. And even though these two things sound like total opposites there is always a way to succeed.

If you have a timber dining table that needs an update just by simply changing your chairs and adding a funky white chair you can make it work just by placing a large white high shine vase or platter as the table’s centrepiece. Or consider adding a white high gloss buffet to your existing dining table but to make it link back and compliment the table you add a wood based lamp to the buffet.

Can you see where I am coming from? Just by making these pieces work together directly they automatically make sense. And then as you feel like updating other pieces you can follow the same principle and the results will be amazing.






And in this picture is it the same principle simply in reverse. Sleek white gloss table, timber chairs and a timber bowl to link it. Simple when you know the rules !








I hope you are all having a great week,

Love Karen x











Elvis is in the Building…

The Elvis Festival is just about to hit Parkes once again. This annual outpouring of love is held in Parkes each January and has become a huge event celebrating The King’s life and his sensational music. Everyone young or old dresses in jumpsuits reminiscent of the King and parades around the town and there is dancing in the streets all weekend long!

Our town swells to double its size during the event and the atmosphere is amazing! Last year I was even lucky enough to be a guest judge for one of the biggest events on the program, The Miss Priscilla Competition. This lucky Priscilla lookalike reigns over the entire weekend as well as winning a bevy of prizes.

But so you all don’t miss out here are some Elvis goodies that will have you in the mood even in your own homes!! Check out the online store to see all the goodies now available.

And as the King would say ” Thank you very much…….”

A few years ago we had the pleasure of home hosting the American Ambassador, Mr Jeffrey Bleich which was extremely exciting and an immense privilige. Mr Bleich is a true Elvis Fan and enjoyed the whole spectacle immensely. Here is a photo of the Ambassador and my husband and I when we returned the favour and had a chance to visit the American Embassy in Canberra this year.


Have you missed a copy??

If you have loved my magazine and enjoyed the issue that you have bought but may have missed others in the newsagency why not grab a copy here in my online store.

Then hopefully you will love the whole collection and can follow my journey from the start!

What a Difference !!!

This weekend I had the luxury of being able to stay home with no commitments or activities to take me back out into the world. So I set about bringing order back to my walk in wardrobe. And I can’t believe the difference that a few hours of diligent work made to this space. I decluttered and gave away to charity many pairs of heels and outfits that let’s face it I wasn’t wearing anymore and was just hoarding for the memories they evoked! And now when I walk in to this room I feel so invigorated and I can’t help but to just stand and quietly admire my handiwork just for a moment. I even caught myself sneaking back time and time again just to catch another quick glimpse of this ordered space!

So here are a few piccies of the order that I managed to bring about…


I have been a busy girl….

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking to a lovely crowd of women at the National Year of Reading Launch for 2012 in Parkes. Along with another local woman and accomplished author we spoke to the crowd and shared our individual stories. It was a really lovely afternoon. Here I am pictured with some of the guests along with my beautiful mother, Kay. It was fantastic to have her in the crowd as well.


I also got to attend a lovely afternoon tea in Parkes during March to celebrate International Women’s Day for 2012. And yes I made the local paper by sneaking into the photo as well.

The next few months are also filling up with two new speaking engagements already booked in. But I absolutely love the chance to talk to everyone and I am very humbled by their support and interest in my story!



Shades of Grey…

As with fashion, home decorating does go through its own interesting cycles of what’s in and what’s not and key periods in styling will always be remembered through the colours and designs that were in vogue in each decade or time period. Need I say more but to offer this anecdote.. when one remembers the green laminated benchtops that were in demand one instantly is taken back to the seventies and the beginnings of the eighties as we vividly remember this iconic look.

Over the last few years however we have all really embraced the power of decorating with neutral tones and adding the WOW factor to our homes with the accessories we select  to create the final impact to our look rather than adding the colour to more permanent fixtures within our homes that are harder to change constantly. This has allowed everyone more freedom to style and update their looks much more frequently with a minimum of fuss and expense each time.

 Everyone became very focused on what the favourite colours where to give themselves this blank canvas effect .







But I feel the tides are changing in the colours that we will now gravitate

towards in the continuing search for neutral colour palettes to decorate our home’s interior and exterior surfaces with. After attending the recent launch of the new Haymes’ Paint colour collection for the season ahead I have fallen in love with a whole new palette of colours and I think these will be the direction we shall head in the future.

From soft greys to deeper silver and more blue-grey tones we are now I feel at the beginning of a new era. Instead of always selecting a more stone based neutral with varying shades of creams and browns we will now be selecting these softer tones. These new shades will combine beautifully with the move towards using black as an accent colour within our homes as well as adopting a new

sophisticated feel to our home’s styling efforts.

The grey colour wheel also works perfectly with accents of red to make a very retro inspired statement or will look soft and feminine when paired with lilac and silver and a touch of bling. Yellow looks amazing when splashed within a room of grey as an accent colour and I love when orange is also combined with grey to look vibrant, seriously stylish and sophisticated.

So I think it will not be long before there is a new “must have colour”  which will be whispered among stylists and decorators alike and then gain public

adoration as it is shouted from the rooftops. We will be naturally drawn to select this colour to make our homes a true vision of neutral beauty and it will allow us to unleash the decorator within as our possibilities of choices become limitless…


Elvis is in the Building….

I hope you like my latest effort at movie making! These seminars are going to be great fun during the 2012 Parkes Elvis Festival…

Home Ideas on Sale now

I am so excited ..the latest issue of Home Ideas is on sale now and my home has been given a ten page spread inside..So go grab your copy now!!

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Home Ideas Magazine

Home Staging

I am really excited about the house I have just finished staging for auction. This is a new service we can offer our customers so here is a sneak peek of what we can do!