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The Art of Fluffing

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Home Sweet Home


Sue Kontic – Editor of Home Ideas Magazine – How wonderful to see Karen’s book in print, but it’s certainly no surprise. Of all those who have started on such a venture few that I know have followed through. But there was never any doubt that Karen would not only accomplish it, but also do it so well. More than a valuable guide to home decorating, filled with helpful advice and commonsense solutions, it’s an entertaining insight into Karen’s journey thus far, and an inspiration to other women to set their sights high. Its approachable format makes it easy to dip into and simple to find the sections that interest you most. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m sure many others will too.

Carolyn – Hi Karen so good to catch up with you!! Love the book! Xxxx
Donna – Hi Karen. I just wanted to say congratulations to you on your beautiful book. I brought my copy this morning and flashed it around the salon all day. Now I am perched up on my lounge and literally cannot put it down. It is absolutely beautiful and I am reading it from cover to cover. Congratulations on your amazing achievement. Bryan had better get his cash ready as you have given me so many ideas!

Robin – Hi Karen. I just bought your book at Condobolin and cannot put it down. You are wonderful and so positive. I really need your help. Cheers. 

Kaushulya – It was so lovely meeting you tonight just started reading and love it already all the best Karen!!